South African Energy Market Assessment and Strategy for International Solar Firms

Assisted international solar PV developers with assessments of legal, regulatory, and economic backdrop for the distributed solar PV market (e.g. rooftop market) emerging in South Africa. An in-depth tariff analysis was also conducted focusing on various municipalities and their unique customer tariffs to inform the current business case for embedded generation.


South African Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Guide for Local Government, 2012 Contributing author in collaboration with other organizations.

Electricity Tariff and Market Structure Study for Mozambique

Key contributor to an energy market restructuring and electricity tariff study over the course several years for the country of Mozambique. Results from the policy reforms, cross-border energy legislation, energy economic analysis, and subsidy framework development were selected for implementation by the Mozambican Government.

Assessment of Renewable Energy Localization and Economic Development Impact

Lead assessment of utility-scale solar energy projects on behalf of a South African industry body. Results from the study on localisation, job creation, and socio-economic lessons learned will be used to improve the government’s renewable energy procurement program going forward.

Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Low Income Housing

Worked with Western Cape Government to enable local firms to supply energy efficiency and renewable energy services and products to low income and high density settlements in the Western Cape of South Africa.

1 GW Solar Park Feasibility Study

Key contributor to feasibility study for a 1 GW Solar Park using both solar photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies in Southern Africa.